Specialists in marketing South African Business Globally and LocallyOink Directories and Marketing. Register your South Coast Business with Oink (you do not pay until Oink gets your business into the top 10 results on Google). Request a free consultation for representation on any Oink KZN South Coast Telephone Directory, blog building, one-page websites etc. 3 terms which describe this company – An ideas generator, sometimes unconventional but always effective, a leader & specialists in the field of directory advertising and  search engine friendly copy for website optimization purposes.

Based in Midrand (hence the name Oink Midrand) Oink Directories & Marketing is an experienced internet marketer of companies located anywhere in South Africa.  Currently marketing over 350 businesses and services while placing them in the top 10 results, without fail, in their dedicated areas of operation on Google, Yahoo and Bing over the last 3 1/2 years, Oink currently holds numerous No.1 and top 10 positions on Google for international services.

Such is the success of Oink’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique and skill, that in 3 years the marketing team of Shadow Rain (Oink’s technical team) and Craig Nuttley (copy writer and internet business marketing strategist) that Oink has not failed to put a company into the top 10 in all that time. Oink Directories is undoubtedly a leader in the field of internet marketing without the frills.

But here is the cherry on top of it all. Oink is so confident of it’s skills and expertise that Craig Nuttley will list any business on the Oink Directories and no company will pay for an annual term until their listing appears on the 1st page of Google either directly, by category or directory result using search phrases relevant to the businesses category and location.

Internet Services

  • Blog Building & Optimization for Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business or personal purposes
  • The creation of area dedicated area directories for all categories of business. Would you like to have your own online directory for your area and make money through marketing them on the internet and making them money in the process? Let Oink create it for you.
  • Internet Marketing Consultations
  • Social Media Marketing

Are you spending thousands on internet marketing and website design and all the stuff that brings success if it is effective but gaining no real feedback. Oink Directories & marketing makes no promises that they’ll get you there. They first get you the results you want on Google (in your category of business AND your location) before charging your biz a cent. Now that is Oinkcellence! Why not take Oink up on the offer. They see it as a challenge which is why Oink removes major internet directories from the top positions on Google. It’s a proven fact.

The Oink Midrand Directory currently hosts the South Coast Telephone Directory for KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) which is No.1 on Google using various phrases of search incl. “Durban South Coast Business Directory”.  Guess who is doing the copy writing and SEO … It’s a no brainer! Oink!

Contact: Craig Nuttley (Otherwise known as Nuts :-))